Deborah Keller

Ready for a side story to Havoc? Deborah is now posting episodes on kindle vella that tells the story from Darcy’s mom (Lisa’s) point of view. Find out what really happened to her.

A year after a virus arose creating a zombie outbreak; forty eight year old Lisa has left her only family she has left (adult daughter Darcy) at the colony to search for supplies. With boyfriend Jack by her side they encounter new enemies outside the walls. Along with those new enemies they have to think swiftly to avoid the zombies still lurking about. With a plan to make their lives better they attempt to outsmart their enemies while collecting supplies to survive.

Deborah’s debut novella is now available

She’s about to begin a life altering journey.

After the world is overrun by zombie like creatures, hope for humanity was left in dire straits. This devastation leaves Darcy and her mother living in a colony. After her mother goes missing, Darcy decides to search for her. But this search wouldn’t be easy, so she forms a search party including her best friend Ace.
Although as they begin their journey, they soon find that the creatures they once feared have become sharp-witted. Will Darcy be reunited with her mom? Or is the world about to become darker than ever before?

Now available for purchase at Amazon. E-book and paperback offered.

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