Kindle Vella Stories

Hello, readers. This page lists all stories that are completed and/or currently being published on Kindle Vella.

In the year 3000, Nova must find different ways to survive on a planet with a red sun. With a collapsing atmosphere, Nova and her family must make a race against time to make it to the last of the evacuation ships. After living safely in the mountains, she takes her family out into the bitter world. This trip won’t be easy. Making a life altering journey, she discovers all may not be what it seems. She just wants to lead her family to safety. With the planet in peril, she must face darkness.

Seven members of a wildlife research team find themselves isolated from society on a remote island. As a protected national park, it is closed during the winter months. They work without interruption until they get an unexpected guest. Ending up fighting for survival they make a legendary discovery. Powerful monsters are stalking the woods. Greedily devouring flesh. Never satisfied, they terrorize the team. Confusion. Psychosis. Greed. Hunger. What are these mythological creatures?

A year after a virus arose creating a zombie outbreak; forty-eight-year-old Lisa has left her only family she has left (adult daughter Darcy) at the colony to search for supplies. With boyfriend Jack by her side, they encounter new enemies outside the walls. Along with those new enemies they have to think swiftly to avoid the zombies still lurking about. With a plan to make their lives better they attempt to outsmart their enemies while collecting supplies to survive.